We believe in the power of honest ingredients to love the skin your'e in!


Here at Moon Milk we pride ourselves on effective yet gentle ingredients that are suitable for all skin types.  No harsh chemicals or parabens here friends!  Because with all the things in this world to worry about, why should you have to wonder what's in your skin care?


We are a small Southern California based skin care company started by two friends in 2018.  This company has been a true labor of love, enduring many ups and downs along the way, but always staying true to what was at the core of our dream from the start...to bring simple and results driven skin care to the world.


We are confident that you will fall in love with our skin care just as we did.  You will truly feel a glow in your skin after the very first use!  All of our products are safe to use as much as your heart desires.  We would love to hear about your experience with Moon Milk, so shoot us a message anytime!